FAQs - Playing Up and Vouchers

Albany Netball Association, Wed Aug 2, 2017 8:39PM

General Rules:

3. Playing Up/Passing Down

b) A player may play up to three games IN TOTAL in any division above their registered grade; on the fourth occasion, they will be considered a player of the higher grade team in which they play this fourth game. This includes regular fixtures and finals. 
Note: The three games in total is for ANY team the player plays up in (not three games per higher graded team). Any Fairest and Best votes the player received in the original lower grade will become null. Votes will still be valid if the fourth game occurs during finals.

c) For the purpose of ‘playing up’  a player is considered to have played the game if their name appears on the scorecard, unless the scorecard shows she did not take the court at any time during the entire match d


9 Voucher Players

a) Non-registered players are permitted to play a maximum of two (2) games on a voucher in a season. Should they wish to play more, they must become registered  


1. Registration/Eligibility

i) All players must have played at least three games on three separate playing dates with their club before they may participate in finals matches as registered members. Only registered players may play in finals

j) A ‘Voucher’ player is not considered a registered player 


General Rules are located under Policies

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